** Sold and Supplied within Oceania Region Only **

There are Many types of Portable Data Terminals can be used in conjunction with the WMS Console module.

Detail Steps

PDT Requirements;

Requires a Wi-Fi network to be installed and cover all areas that handheld is to operate within.
Each handheld terminal requires and supports Wi-Fi connectivity
Each handheld terminal must have a 1D/2D scanner. 
Each handheld terminal requires a VT100/200 compatible client installed
Each handheld terminal requires the following keys:

  • ENTER and ESCAPE key
  • < (left arrow) > (right arrow)
  • . (full stop)
  • \/ (down arrow) /\ (up arrow)
  • Numeric 0 to 9

Note: that in some cases the ENTER and ESCAPE also function as the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to reduce key shifts.

Related Information

Even with the above requirements met some terminals may not work in conjunction with our software or require a large amount of setup time and for this reason it is best to consult a Datapel representative on suitable models available.