The following support note describes how to switch from Accounting software pricing to WMS pricing.

  • If you switch to WMS pricing and Price level, all sell pricing from the Accounting software file will be ignored. This includes price levels and quantity price breaks, customer price levels.

  • The customer's Volume discount is still read from Accounting software.

  • MYOB allows 6 price levels, WMS allows 26

  • The additional levels allow pricing to be set for each foreign currency or other pricing groups such as wholesale, distributor, and retail customers.

  • MYOB price level replication to WMS only works for Premier 19 (If the customer is using MYOB price levels and has NOT switched to WMS pricing yet)

MYOB AR users need to import or add Price Levels manually in WMS

If you're unable to update the price levels, please verify your access levels in WMS. Get a superuser to look at your access rights for Manage Price Levels > It has to be full access.

Detail Steps

Manual Price Entry

Go to "Items List" Register in the WMS

  1. Find an item that requires a price update

  2. Double click the line to open the item details

  3. Select the Pricing Tab

  4. Select “Add Price Level”

  5. Enter Price for each price break (if required)

  6. Select Close and Yes to confirm the changes


Export Prices from WMS

1.Go to Workspace ➡ Import ➡ Price Levels

2.Select Export Prices

3.Select OK to confirm Exported successfully. File will be automaticly downloaded.

4.The file will be saved as a tab-delimited text file (.txt)

This file can be imported into Excel to be edited; please keep in mind that excel format can corrupt some data, and care should be taken when selecting formats for data.

5.Edit the file as you require.

6.When complete, ensure your file is saved as tab-delimited text in the same column format and data types as exported.

Import Prices back to WMS

  1. Go to Workspace ➡ Import ➡ Price Levels

  2. Select Import Prices

  3. Choose your file location and select Upload

  4. The file will import 


Note: If there is an error, you will be alerted and directed to the Audit Report.

Setting your Customer's Price Level.

  1. Press CTRL F or select Tools, Find Customer...

  2. Enter the customer's name in the search box or use the extended search if required

  3. Highlight the customer you wish to edit in the left-hand grid

  4. Select the Accounts Tab

  5. Use the "Price Level:" drop-down to select your customer's price level.

  6. The price level is automatically saved as soon as you exit the Price level box via Tab or Enter or Clicking off the cell.

  7. User may now enter sales to this customer.      

Import your customer's price level setting in BULK


  1. Take a backup of your WMS DB

  2. Go to File> Import > Contact Setting

  3. Select Export Prices

4. Edit the  'PRICELEVEL' column to enter valid Price levels PLA-PLZ. ('PLA', 'PLB','PLC' etc)  and save the file


5. Attached is the sample exported file format


6. File description of fields.

7. Go to File> Import > Contact Setting> Import Settings.

Switching on WMS Pricing Mode (Recommended to be actioned by WMS support members and IT Admin only).

  1. Locate your Preference configuration file.
    For 32 bit users, this can be found at C:\Program Files\Datapel Systems\Warehouse Management System\Prefs.XML

For 64-bit users C:\Program Files (x86)\Datapel Systems\Warehouse Management System\Prefs.XML

*If you have multiple workspaces, your file will be in a sub-folder within the path; please contact the support team for assistance if required.

2. Take a backup of the Prefs.xml file. If you make an error in this file, your WMS will no longer run. (copy the file and paste it into the same folder it will be renamed "Copy of Prefs.xml" or "Copy of Prefs(2).xml or similar)

3. Right-click on the original Prefs.xml file and select edit or open the file in notepad

4. In the first section of the file, you will find these two keys;

They should be set to True for WMS pricing and False for MYOB pricing.

If you do not have these keys, you can copy and paste them in; they must be placed below "[clsPreferences Object="True"]"  and above "[Version]"100712"[/Version]" within the file. Note that all Left and right arrows in this article have been replaced with square brackets; use left and right arrows in XML files as per other keys.

5. Save the file and exit.

6. Each user needs to close the WMS and log back in; this will load the new preference file.

Note: Price levels cannot be named; we recommend creating a key/cheat sheet to assist you when reviewing your price levels.

Related Information

Work Arounds - PriceLevels change process can appear to lock up - it can take up to 10 - 15 mins to export a large file. You can Export the PriceLevels file direct from MYOB as the file formats are compatible. This can be faster.

IMPORTING - To set a customer Price level - File Import - Contact Settings

Example Export below:

"00007" "A1 Pools" "PLA" "" "" "False" "" "False" "False" "0" ""
"00009" "Add A Splash Pools" "PLA" "" "" "False" "" "False" "False" "0" ""

Note PLA - PLZ are valid columns.