This article explains how to log in to Cloud WMS when the Two Factor Authentication is Turned ON.


Detail Steps

  • When logging into Cloud WMS, an email code will be sent to the user's email address.

It is valid for 3 minutes. If an Australian Mobile phone number is added, you will also receive this by SMS. You can also set up Google Authentication.

  • As Superuser, you can add a phone number to each user's account to receive an SMS code.

Datapel Systems can provide the Superuser google authentication setup key verbally and/or add the main superuser phone number for Authentication (additional email addresses cannot be set up for the account).

➡ Go to Options > User Management > Select User > Set User privileges.

➡ Per-user collect your google auth setup code by;

:flag_on: Login using your email authentication code.

:flag_on: Select options from the right-hand side and user preferences and scroll to the General Page's bottom.

➡ Download the Google Authentication Application on your device.

  • The device will need to be on the same timezone as your remote server (this normally matches your companies main timezone).

➡ Add the code to your application to receive a new key every 30 seconds.

➡ You cannot disable Email authentication codes, so it is best to set up an email rule to file these should you choose to use SMS or Google Authentication.

Related Information

You can log in from any computer via an internet browser (for the best experience, we recommend Chrome or Firefox).