This document explains why the error “*Unreconciled: Use UNDO and/or Contact Accounts" is shown on lines on a receiving record in WMS.

Detail Steps

Why have I received this Error?

This error is shown when a partially received order has been manually changed in MYOB.

A Purchase in MYOB can have many purchase lines; each line has a Line ID. WMS stores this Line ID and uses it to match and check the lines from MYOB each replication.

The MYOB line ID will change if a purchase is added to by inserting a line or a line is removed, the purchase is split into two orders via the backorder function or any other major change.

When the line has already been received or partially received the WMS will give you a warning in the description of the line that the line is now unreconciled with MYOB.

In most cases the new line ID details are added and two lines of the same item will show in the WMS receival form, one received one un-received. The un-received item may or may not need to be received; the MYOB purchase should be check for clarification of this.

Preventing the Errors

The best prevention for this error is to ensure majority of partially received orders are recorded as bills and the backorder function used in MYOB promptly.

If you need to add to a purchase in MYOB, ensure to add to the end of the purchase not insert lines.

Checking the register frequently for split orders which should be at closed status.

Viewing the Errors

The status in the receiving register for un-reconciled receivals is almost always "SPLIT". The status "SPLIT" is also indicative of a partially received order.

  • In WMS Select the "Receiving" register.
  • Use the "Show All..." search drop down box to select "Status..."
  • Overtype "Status..." with "SPLIT"
  • Uncheck the "Dated From" filter.
  • Select Search
  • Review orders by double clicking on each Purchase

Resolving the Errors

The most common resolution to this error is to confirm the MYOB purchase is correct, receive all goods that have arrived into store as normal and ignore the duplicate un-received lines. The status will remain as SPLIT and should be closed manually.

  • In WMS Select the "Receiving" register
  • Type the Purchase Order number into the "Show All..." search filter box
  • Select Search
  • Review order by double clicking on the Purchase in the register
  • Select a receiving location if one is not already selected (No stock will be added, it is just a requirement that all closed transactions have a location)
  • Check "Order inactive and closed" on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

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