This article will describe how to manage WMS Configuration alert.

Detail Steps

When you are getting the WMS Configuration Alert! Error message please do the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Tools > Connect > Health Check

Step 2: Health check window will open

Step 3: Select ''Start Check'' and the system will investigate configuration error.

Step 4: Health check will find the issue. In this case *None employee card is missing

Step 5: Go to MYOB > Cards > Employee list > Create new Employee

NOTE: For WMS Pro and Enterprise only - Setting up each Sales Employee is useful if you intend to calculate commission on a sale by sale basis. 

For cases where commission should be calculated but not accrued against an employee it is recommended that a *NONE employee be created.

Step 6: In other case if  *\c comment item card is missing

Step 7: Go to MYOB > Inventory > Item List > If the card is deleted please create new card or if Inactive please mark as active.

NOTE:The WMS requires a special card that is used for managing items. 

Create a new card with the item number "\c" and "comment" in the "Name" field.

Make sure \c comment code is lower case NOT upper case C

Make sure the boxes next to "I Buy This Item" and "I Sell This Item" are checked.  Use any Expense and Income account code as these are not used by WMS.

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