In order to link your Xero account to Datapel WMS you must authorise access by accepting our Shared Secure Access Certificate. The Datapel System Implementor will provide this certificate – it is securely loaded into your Xero account and the Datapel WMS workspace allowing access to your data from ONLY the Datapel WMS application.

Detail Steps

To onboard and accept the authorisation certificate, the following steps are taken by Datapel:

1. Go to Xero developer website's "My Apps" page -

2. Click on the "New App" button on the top right corner

3. Fill in the new app information:

- Select "Private App"
- Enter App Name: Datapel WMS
- Enter Organisation: Your company account name for the connection
- There is no need to tick the option for Payroll API – this is NOT required

4. Upload DATAPEL public key file.

When the Authorisation is successful – record the Xero KEY and SECRET; this will be needed during the WMS workspace connection stage. In addition, a (Private Key) pfx file will be loaded into the WMS installation folder under the “cert” folder – your Datapel System Implementor will manage this.

Your Xero account is now ready – the implementor can now progress to connecting the Datapel WMS.

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