This article explains how to setup master barcode.

Before using barcode scanning within the WMS each item must reference a master barcode number. The barcode number is not the item number and must be allocated to a Custom Field or User Defined Field #1 (UDF#1).

Detail Steps

To set the required field for the item master barcode use Tools -> Preference -> Barcodes and choose the required fieldname - in this example we will use UDF#1. 

1. To change preferences log in as the Superuser.

2. Go to Tools -> Preferences then Select UserFields tab as below and set the fieldname as shown:


4. Next Select the Barcodes Tab 

5. Change the Barcode Field: UDF #1 (as per below)


6. Select  Record Preferences (bottom right corner of Preferences) 

Related Information

The Barcode preference tab identifies other settings relating to Barcode types, defaults, hardware settings, and other specific barcode workflow actions.

Please contact your local Datapel Consultant prior to changing these settings.

The following options are available to update master barcodes: 

  • If your Barcode Field setting uses CustomField#1,2 or 3 then you will need to setup the master barcode in your MYOB Companyfile first and replicate your workspace. These can be updated in bulk using File import/export items. See your MYOB consultant for further assistance.
  • To import Barcode Numbers in bulk using a text file see related articles for Import/Export User Defined Fields. Contact your local Datapel Consultant for further assistance.  

For more information on barcodes and barcode standards visit:

Putting scanner thru a USB hub is NOT recommended.
Datapel recommend the use of a Power Supply to be connected to the base station to assist with charging of the cordless scanner.