This article explains some of the most important WMS abbreviations.

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OC - Opening (Stock) Count

AO - Adjustment Order

CI - Check-In

CO - Check Out

PO - Purchase Order

PRN - Purchase Reference Number

RA - Return Authority

SL - Sale

SO - Sale Order

TO - Transfer Order

TR - Transfer

COGP - Commission on Gross Profit

COTS - Commission on Total Sale

FEXFO - First Expiry Date in First Out - Selects oldest expiry/batch first.

FIFO - First in First Out - Selects the oldest stock first for picking.

LEXFO - Last Expiry Date in First Out - Selects newest expiry/batch first.

LIFO - Last in First Out - Stock most recently received will be selected for picking first.

MIN - Minimum - looks for small quantity batches of stock first

MAX - Maximum - looks for large quantities of stock first.

BTC#ASC - Batch number Ascending - Pick the Batch number in ascending order (A-Z 0-9).

BTC#DESC - Batch number Descending - Pick the Batch number in descending order (Z-A 9-0).

NSA - No Stock Available

RRN - Receive Reference Number

RTP - Ready to Process/Pick

SPS - Special Pricing Schedules

UDF - User Definable Field

UOM - Unit of Measure

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