This article explains the setup of the Accounting system as a multi-currency source.

Detail Steps

To activate Accounting as a Currency source:

Datapel Support to action:

Add new tag <WMSAsCURSource>False<WMSAsCURSource> in Prefs.xml file.


Superuser to action:

  1. Open WMS

  2. Go to Options > Preferences

  3. Replication Tab

  4. Locate Manage FX using and from the drop-down list select " Accounting Currency" and Record Preferences.

Exchange Rates management:

To adjust standard rates:

Adjust Rates in the Accounting system, and these rates are replicated to the WMS.

Creating multi-currency Sales Order:

  1. Open WMS

  2. Go to Sales or Receive register

  3. Create New Sales or Purchase Order

  4. Open Currency Tab

  5. WMS will select customer/Supplier default Currency. From here, you can also manually adjust the spot rate.

  6. Finalise order

NOTE: Line Item Unit price should be treated as selected foreign currency.

7. Record as Sales or Purchase Order

8. Process transactions as usual.

9. Order will be Invoiced/Billed over to the Accounting system.

10. Open Invoice/Bill in Accounting system. 

The price, subtotal, tax, and balance due are ALL sent as Foreign Currency.

For example:

AUD = 1 NZD / Spot cross rate (0.952873) = 1.04946 NZD

Total (AUD)$94.81= 99.50 NZD / 1.04946 NZD

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