Each Item can show a product picture preview in the WMS item list “Item Picture” section.

Standard Picture size 150 x 140 pixels

Each User will need to check that the “Preview Item Image Attachment” is turned ON.

Options > Preferences > General Tab

View Options > turn ON “Preview item image attachment” > Record Preferences

Detail Steps

To add a Picture to an item:

  1. Highlight the item in the item list by using a single click on the item line required

  2. Select the Attachments tab at the bottom of the program screen, then right-click on a blank section of the attachments window and select “add…” select the file location, then file a J-Peg (.JPG) or Bitmap (.BMP) and select “Open.”

An item picture file must be named the same as the product item number. For example, StockItem2.JPG or StockItem2.BMP

These Pictures will remain until removed and WMS is closed and reopened.

To remove Pictures:

1. Select the file in the attachment detail view window
2. Right-Click with the mouse, select ‘Remove.’

To open a Picture using your default picture program, Double-Click the attachment icon.

For security purposes, “Drag and Drop” attachment files are not supported on Cloud WMS.
Please double-click or right-click to open attachments.
Drag and drop only work on older premise WMS application versions.

Related Information

For information on adding product attachments, please refer to Adding and Removing Item Attachments.

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