This documents details our STD output file for Advanced Shipping Notice/Invoice.

These can also be described as Shipping Notice/Advice and accronyms such as ASN, INV.

This document is flexible to the needs of the customer, if you require additional additional fields or field changes, please contact your datapel project manager.

Detail Steps

tREMOTE Trans Header

Sales Order header information (One Header per file)

TAG NAMETAG EXAMPLEDescriptionDetailsSizeType
NewDataSet Required SCHEMA formatting for a Sale OrderTag should be closed at end of file data  
DTDEdifactV1Document Type 50NVARCHAR
RevisionNumber2Revision number if provided in incoming order   
GSIN000932784000123459Unique Shipment NumberSupplier GS1 number expanded to 9 places,Unique sale ID expanded to 7 places plus check digit.17LONG
CurrencyCodeAUDCurrency Code of Order 3NVARCHAR
StoreCodeSYDLocation Ship From CodeRequired but can be blank. Assigned as default location from WMS configuration50NVARCHAR
PostingDate 2009-04-29T10:12:20+DateTime of TransactionOrder Date. Suggested format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+ where T and + are separators and terminators INT
TransID 164101 Invoice NumberWMS Allocates an invoice number prior to shipping.8NVARCHAR
TransDate 2009-04-29T10:12:20+ DateTime of TransactionOrder Creation Date DateTime
DueDate2009-04-29T10:12:20+DateTime Customer requires Despatch or DeliveryPromised Date  - for matching against original order requested delivery date, sometimes supplier will change this if they cannot supply - 1/1/3000 = cannot supply order in full. DateTime
SalespersonLongSalesperson IDLast name of Salesperson. If “DEFAULT”, substituted with default Salesperson52NVARCHAR
CardIdentificationCUS0000001MYOB Card Identification or MYOB Tax IDCard Identification of Billing Customer.16NVARCHAR
SHIPCardIdentificationCUS0000001MYOB Card Identification or MYOB Tax IDCard Identification of Receiving Customer. INT
SaleTypeDD = Delivery Notice or ASN I = InvoiceD = Delivery Notice or ASN I = Invoice1NVARCHAR
Special22000Customers Purchase Order No.Original PO number (if in response to POA or SOC it will also contain -1 -2 -3 suffix)50NVARCHAR
Notes  “Comment” field in Sale Order255NVARCHAR
SaleNote WMS Field Sale Notes 2500NVARCHAR
ShipNote  “Ship Note” field in WMS Sale Order200NVARCHAR
Priority Maps to WMS Order Priority HIGH, HOLD, LOW or as a number (0-3) 1INT
ShippingMethod  “Name of Method” or “Default” will use customer default shipping method255NVARCHAR
ConNote ConNote - Consignment Numberin most cases will be blank for this document as order has not shipped.50NVARCHAR
OrderWeight15.85Total Order Weight (KG)Two options are available, calculation based on per item weight that is held in a custom field in WMS or the Order weight field in the WMS20INT
OrderQuantity15.23Total Order Quantity (Units)Sum of Order Units20INT
CubicVolume.532 Two options are available, calculation based on per item cubic m2 that is held in a custom field in WMS or the Order cubic in the WMS20INT
TotalCartons15 Unpalletized Box Total20INT
TotalPallets1 Pallets in shipment20INT
ShippingCost0.00Ship Cost to customerGenerally 0.00 - customisations may be requested DBL
Sent2HostDateTime2008-04-30T17:02:11Optional DateTime of XML EmitUsed for logging INT
ReferralSource ReferralSource - mapped to MYOB/WMS referral source descriptions 32NVARCHAR
UDF1a1b2textCustom Data Field 200NVARCHAR
UDF2a1b2textCustom Data Field 200NVARCHAR
UDF3a1b2textCustom Data Field 200NVARCHAR
OriginalTransID164101 Internal ref maps to SAL_EDItransid - will link all related PO documents together50NVARCHAR
OriginalSaleTypeST = Transfer S = Sale 1NVARCHAR
OrderResponseCode5Can be tailored to customer needsSTD response is Edifact when DTD is edifact50NVARCHAR



Sale Order line information (multiple allowed)

TAG NAMETAG ExampleDescriptionDetailSizeType
tREMOTETransSaleLines  Require SCHEMA formatting for each sale line  
SKU320Product NumberRequired.50NVARCHAR
Barcode93781385965Product BarcodeBarcode (normally CF1,CF2,CF3 or UDF1) as specified in MYOB  
SellUoMEASelling Unit of Itemgenerally EA, CTN, CT, Box ETC5NVARCHAR
SaleQty1Quantity SoldRequired (unless SaleUnitQty is populated). as Quantity Sold (eg. Piece) - 0 for Cancelled Lines - New Qty For Amended Lines INT
SaleUnitQty1Unit SoldRequired (unless SaleQty is populated. as Unit Sold (eg. Box) - 0 For Cancelled Lines - New QTY for Amended Lines INT
BOSaleQty14Quantity Backorderednot delivered amount per line INT
BOSaleUnitQty2.355Units Backorderednot delivered amount per line INT
SaleUnitAmountIncTax9.95Sale Unit PriceRequired if . as per Agreed Unit Sale Price Inc Tax - field takes presidence over if populated Float
SaleUnitAmountExcTax9.95Sale Unit PriceRequired if is Blank or NULL. as per Agreed Unit Sale Price Excl Tax Float
SaleTaxCodeN-TTax Codeif N or NULL then, sets exact Tax Code on sale3NVARCHAR
SaleTaxRate10.00Tax Rate (in Percent value e.g 10.00%)Ignored if match is found. if N and VAT<\TaxCode> <> existing Tax Code in MYOB or BOTH NULL then(10.00 for GST, 0 for N-T)(Auto calculates unit price = SaleUnitAmountIncTax / (1+(SaleTaxRate/100)) ) Float
SaleTaxUnitAmount0.90Tax AmountIf > 0, automatically changes Tax to GST for line item Float
SKUDescriptionClown DotsProduct DescriptionIf blank allocates default item description255NVARCHAR
DeliveryDate2013-08-09T00:00:00+Format will be YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00+
This containes the estimated Delivery Date for the line.
If provided this is the Expected delivery date of the line of the sale line (Calculation method = Look at date requested per line if available else check promised date, If promised date > Line date then Promised Date else Line Date.)20NVARCHAR
BOSupplyETA2013-09-01T00:00:00+Format will be YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00+If provided is the expected delivery date for the backordered items. (Calculation Method = If Backorder found then check Stock Item next ETA found in BST_UDF6 (format checked if isdate preferred format is YYYY-MM-DD) if > Today plus 14 days (Can be set by Supplier) then BST_UDF6 else Today Plus 14 Days.20NVARCHAR
LineNoteMay We have Blue PleaseAdditional Product Description 200NVARCHAR
JobCodeJobCodeJob Code (Must already be in the Job Code List to apply/ no new additions) 50NVARCHAR
JobNoteJobCodeNoteAdditional Text FieldFor Multi Store delivery orders and distribution centres this will contain the store Number250NVARCHAR
SaleUnitDiscount25.50Discount - This is the discount percentage.  Float
CurrencyCodeASet to A   
SaleLineNo1   INT
LineWeight4.25Combined weight of QTY of item on sale linecalculation of a custom field20INT
LineCube.026Combined Cubic m2 of QTY on Sale Linecalculation of a custom field20INT
LineResponseCode5Can be tailored to customer needsSTD response is Edifact when DTD is edifact50NVARCHAR
/tREMOTETransSaleLines End Sale Line   


Sale Line Batch/Box/SSCC Information (Multiple Lines per sale line)

TAG NAMETAG ExampleDescriptionDetailsSizeType
tREMOTETransBatch Schema Format Node  
SSCC Unique Carton serial NumberSupplier GS1 number expanded to 7 places,Unique sale ID expanded to 7 places, box ID (numeric) expanded to five places plus check digit.20INT
PalletSSCC Unique Pallet Serial NumberSupplier GS1 number expanded to 7 places,Unique sale ID expanded to 7 places, Pallet ID (numeric) expanded to two places plus "000" plus check digit.20INT
Batch54dt6y54f1g232f1gThe batch or serial number placed in the box 200NVARCHAR
PalletNumber01The pallet Identification NumberNumeric Only - 0 when Pallet not in use2INT
BoxNumber001The box identification NumberNumeric only3INT
BoxLabelsd9854fASThe box identification Stringcan be numerical or String when numerical can be used in SSCC otherwise we use count up 1+.200NVARCHAR
BatchQty5Base Qty in Box  INT
BatchUnitQty0.005Qty field / Item Sell UoMexample shown is where sell UoM is set to 1000 Float
PKGTypeCTNPackage TypeNormally a fixed type CTN for non SSCC required customers or when box packing in use then CTN for palletized CTN (ID 1001,1002,2001 etc)and PLT for Full Pallets (1000,2000,3000 etc)20NVARCHAR
/tREMOTETransBatch  Schema Node End  


Sale Order Customer / Shipping Information (One Node Per file)

TAG NAMETAG ExampleDescriptionDetailsSizeType
tREMOTETransCustomer Schema Format Node  
ShipToNamegtp testSHIP TO Customer NameCompany or Last Name of Customer  
ShipToAddress1174 Hampden RoadSHIP TO Address Line 1   
ShipToAddress2 Address Line 2   
ShipToSuburbNEDLANDSSHIP TO Suburb   
ShipToPostCode6009SHIP TO Post Code   
FaxNo Fax   
PhoneNo11300 856 5331300 856 533 Phone ContactOptional  
PhoneNo2 Phone Contact Address   
/tREMOTETransCustomer  Schema Node End  

Important - Use TransCustomer to manually allocate shipping address. Primary billing information is assigned by CardIdentification in TransSaleHeader


Related Information

XML Text Encoding Rules

Preferred encoding UTF-8

The fields in the xml file should not use cdata and should not contain any of the following characters without encoding ~ < > & TAB CR LF ( ascii 10 / 13)

Special Characters