This document explains how to Backup your Workspace. In order to backup the database you first need to enter the appropriate setting for backup and restore Options.

Detail Steps


To backup your WMS Workspace select the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Backup’ then ‘Options’.


Make sure the Source file/folder points to the ‘DPL-WMS.mdb’ file located within your active workspace.

Example: ‘C:\Program Files\Datapel Systems\Warehouse Management System\Database\DPL-WMS.mdb’

To change the default location; click the drill down button to browse folders then locate the ‘DPL-WMS.mdb’ file.


Select the Destination where you wish to save the backup file by clicking on the drill down button and then choosing the backup folder.

When selecting a destination, it must be a visible on the selection list. It must not be a hidden drive.


To be prompted with a backup reminder tick the check box to Show Backup Reminder on application close.

Important Note: It is highly recommended to backup your WMS file at the same time as backing up your MYOB file. In the unlikely case you need to restore to an earlier version of either database, restoring both files to the same date/time means you will eliminate most synchronisation issues. Please contact Datapel prior to restoring either your MYOB or your WMS file.

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