This document explains the Big Commerce view in the WMS database.

Detailed Steps

  • The default name of the view: vWPL_WebProductLocation

  • The following column name is required, may add other columns:

    • itemcode

    • Id

    • MyobId

    • quantity

  • Sample SQL for the view may vary and depends on customer requirements:

SELECT dbo.BST_BaseStock.BST_ItemNumber AS itemcode, dbo.BST_BaseStock.BST_ID AS Id, dbo.BST_BaseStock.BST_MYOBItemID AS MyobId, dbo.STK_Stock.STK_Quantity AS quantity, dbo.BST_BaseStock.BST_ItemName, dbo.STK_Stock.STK_LocationsID, dbo.STK_Stock.STK_BinID, dbo.LOC_Locations.LOC_ID, dbo.LOC_Locations.LOC_Description, dbo.LOC_Locations.LOC_CardIdentification FROM dbo.BST_BaseStock INNER JOIN dbo.STK_Stock ON dbo.BST_BaseStock.BST_ID = dbo.STK_Stock.STK_BaseStockID INNER JOIN dbo.LOC_Locations ON dbo.STK_Stock.STK_LocationsID = dbo.LOC_Locations.LOC_ID WHERE (dbo.LOC_Locations.LOC_CardIdentification = N'')


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