This document explains how to name bins for picking.

Detail Steps

To enable WMS to provide a shortest distance picking list the BIN NAMES must be entered ALPHABETICALLY - the LOWER the Bin Letter / Number the closer the Bin is to the Packing/Despatch Area. e.g. A01 - nearest; Z99 furthest;

Sales Orders are generated by Location so it is RECOMMENDED that groups of closely positioned (smaller storerooms or mini-warehouses) be CLASSIFIED under a SINGLE LOCATION for picking across physical locations.

The location name convention could be - StreetName, or suburb or Region.

To identify a Storeroom or mini-warehouse within the LOCATION prefix the Bin Name with a unique SUB-LOCATION identifier or select a Zone number set the zone in order of required picking path.

For example - Mel1-North, Mel2-South … in this example Mel1 will be the first Pick area from location MELBOURNE.

Continuing the example - the first Bin to be picked if stock is available would be Mel1-North-R01B01 (Row1 Bin1…)

Additional Notes

Minimum 3 characters are recommended for bin names this is especially crucial for usage with handheld scanners.

Leading zero is required to maintain Alpha Numerical sorting. For example 001,002,009,010,099,100 if you have a maximum row/bin numbering of 999 or 01,12,89,99 if your maximum row/bin numbering is 99.

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