This error occurs when trying to replicate Cards to MYOB.

After replication Status reporter records below message:

Unable to send to MYOB , Reason : Card ID does not match with a Customer card. Record not updated

Detail Steps

To allow the transaction to pass through follow below :
When a new card is created in WMS, please ensure the Card ID is not duplicated for Customer or Supplier.
Before creating new cards Datapel recommends to search first under Tools > Find Customer before creating new Card.
There was an existing Customer card: Santa10 and another Santa10 was added for the Supplier. 
Please rename Card and Replicate again.

Related Information

To obtain more information regarding the last Import/Transaction failure an Administrator can review log file/s.

If the status reporter does not contain enough detail to assist with the diagnosis of the import error it is recommended to contact DATAPEL support to remedy the problem.