During an order pick each article is assigned to a BOX#. The box number is selected and changed during article selection and barcode scanning. If an order Pick was completed with an item recorded in the WRONG BOX# it can be corrected by editing the lines Pick Details...

There are fast keys for Next Box#, Set Box# in the Mobility Server - user should be aware of these.

Detail Steps

1. Open the Pick Orders form
2. Double Click the Line that needs changing
3. From the Pick Stock window - select the Article Line to edit - choose Edit Details...

4. Choose the Cartons Tab to review assigned Box Numbers

5. To modify - double click the line and enter new value.

Changes will take effect immediately - currently there is no Audit trail for this action.

6. Close the Edit Details form - no need to click Update Note - unless notes are changed or added.

Related Information

Available in 10.2.164 and in 9.1.159 and above editions.