If the following events occurs in this sequence, sales will be closed in WMS but will not appear in MYOB. Backups of MYOB typically run optimisation so this must also be considered.

In MYOB, a file optimisation is started. This usually takes up to a couple of hours on larger files, so users may start this before they leave for the day and go home. 

At this point, the MYOB has created a new temporary company file which it has moved the optimized data into. This temp file is shown below. This file will as a separate temporary file until the user that started the optimisation presses the OK button in MYOB. Once the user presses OK, the original MYO file is renamed to a BAK file. The temp file is then renamed to become the MYO file. This has now swapped the temp file with the original company file.

The time between the optimisation completing and the user pressing OK is the danger zone. If the user went home after triggering the optimisation, then it is likely that the schedule replicate and import of sales will start and finish before the user arrives back to press the OK button.

Detail Steps

What does this mean?

Below is an example of what might happen if a user triggers an optimisation and leaves it to run overnight: