This article explains how to setup an email for WMS (for End Users) for Office 365 users.

Detail Steps

Customers IT person to process below:

Option 1: Authenticate your device or application directly with a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailbox, and send mail using SMTP AUTH client submission

To use Datapel's email client for Office 365

1) Changes required in Prefs.xml:

  • set to port 25

  • empty username, empty password

  • SMTPConnectType 1

  • SMTPProtocol 1

  • Bcc should be set as True (Turned ON) due to records not being stored in the Sent folder.

- This is the Standard Setting

    <!-- Blank for defaults -->

2) Changes required in WMS:

Each user will be required to enter their email credentials in WMS preferences.

➡ Login to WMS

➡ Open Options

➡ Preferences > General Tab

➡ Add email credentials:

  • username

  • password

  • "Email Account Username" must be the same as "From & Reply-To Address."

➡ Record Preferences

The box "Always Send Email from my personal account" must be ticked.

Related Information

Please get in touch with Datapel Support for further information or to make changes to your current setup.

WMS Email Setup