Console New Stock Request is used to create Purchase Order Requests.

Detail Steps

Please note the steps below are the steps required to perform a typical Stock Request Console Workflow. You may find your workflow is slightly varied i.e. one or two steps missing, order of steps slightly varied.

Step 1. Turn on the handheld and from the Console Menu Press Down Arrow then Select option 8. Receive.


Step 2. Select 2. New Stock Request to place a new purchase order request.
  • Press 1 to Recieve Items against an Order - Go to Console - Receive - Recieve Order(s).
  • Press 3 to view all open Purchase Orders - Go to Console - Receive - OnOrder Details.
  • Press 0 to return to Main Menu.


Step 3. Press Enter to Continue.
  • Press Esc - to Return to Console Menu.

Step 4. Scan Barcode or Key in Item Code that needs ordering.

  • Leave barcode field blank and Press Enter Return to Receive Menu - Return to Step 2.
  • Key "." and Enter to Send Purchase Request. Go to Step 10.



Step 5. If there are any Open Purchase against the item they will be displayed.
  • To scroll through open orders press Right Arrow and Left Arrows. 
  • If no items are on order - Screen goes to Step 6.
  • Last open order is displayed pressing Right Arrow will go to Step 6.


Step 6.  By Default Request Order Quantity will be set to 0;

  • Press the Right Arrow - Go to Step 7.


Step 7. Enter the Quantity that purchase request is for and Press Enter. - Go to Step 8.

  • If you do not want to create an order request for item leave value at 0 and confirm yes (within Step 8) to exit and return to Step 4.



Step 8.
 Confirm the Order Quantity by Pressing the Left Arrow - Go to Step 9.

  • If the Order Quantity needs to be altered press Right Arrow - Return to Step 7.



Step 9.  To continue adding items to a purchase order request Repeat Steps 4 to 8.
  • To submit purchase order request key "." and press enter. Go to Step 10.



Step 10. Press Enter to Confirm and submit order request. Go to Step 11.
  • Press Esc to cancel the Order Request - Return to Step 2.

Step 11.The Order Request has been submitted.
  • Press Enter - Return to Step 2.

Related Information

“SQ:” On Shelf Quantity
“AQ:” Available Quantity (SQ minus committed stock, which can be a negative value).
“MN :” Minimum Holding Quantity.
“MX:” Maximum Holding Quantity.
“RR:” Recommended ReOrder/Request Quantity; RR is Calculated on the available, MN and RQ Quantity. If the RQ is zero then RR will equal the value of MX. 
“RQ:” Quantity on Order Requests