This document explains Audit inventory stock count using count session.

Console Stock Count - Bin Audit - allows user to perform stock take in specific Bins.
Full Audit Event requires a second user check / recount if there is a variance/different stock quantity.

Detail Steps

Please note the steps below are the steps required to perform a typical Full Audit Event Console Workflow. You may find your workflow is slightly varied i.e. one or two steps missing, order of steps slightly varied.

Step 1. Turn on the handheld and from the Console Menu Select option 0. Stock Coun.

Step 2. Select 3. Bin Audit

  • Press 0 to return to Main Men


Step 3. Select 1. Full Audit Event

  • Press 2 to resume the stock count.
  • Press 3 to review/lookup the bin against an item
  • Press 4 to review/lookup the item in the bin.
  • Press 5 to quick audit event – This is same step as “Full Audit Event”, except it will
    not ask for a second count by another operator.
  • Press 0 to return to Main Men

Step 4. Enter location no in the Option

  • Press 0 to return to Bin Audit screen

Step 5. Key in a Bin Number or Scan Bin Barcode as the putaway location.

  • 0 key returns to the Main Menu - Return to Step 3.
  • “*” is used as a default Bin Location - if their is no Bin Location assigned to the item Press Enter.

if Bin not found below Alert will appear:

Press Enter to Continue

Step 6. Key in item number or scan item barcode number.


Step 7. Key in Serial/Batch number or Scan Serial/Batch barcode.

  • ”~” is the default batch/serial number - Press enter if the item it not using batch/serial numbers.

Step 8.  By Default the  Quantity is set to the value of 1;

  • If Quantity value 1 is true press Enter to confirm
  • If Quantity value 1 is false and needs adjusting go to Step 9.

*<BLK> means the system is creating a new count tag to be stored in the session count

Step 9. To Adjustment the Quantity – example qty 2 > enter .2 and press Enter. 

Step 10. To Confirm the Quantity is correct – press Enter  

             0 is return to audit screen

Step 11. To Confirm the Quantity is correct – Press the left arrow button.


Step 12.  Key in/Scan barcode number to continue with audit Steps 6 to 9

  • Press 0 Key to go back Audit screen 
  • Press . to Complete or  exit (step 10)
  • Press Enter to use the same Item again ( when you have different serial number for same item) .

Step 13 Press Enter button to continue and repeat Steps 2. to 9. to create new Check Ins.

  • Press Enter Key to Confrm
  • Press Esc to go screen step 9.

Step 14. Press Enter to End Audit.

if Counts not matching will receive below Alert:

Press enter to continue

Press ESC – Go to Next Step

Alert message “Bin Recount Required, Proceed with checker!!”
Press enter to continue


Enter new checker and Pin number, press enter

Press Enter to Continue

Enter to Post Audit ESC to close on Remote

Step 15.  Bin Audit Closed . Press Enter to continue 

Step 16. Press 0 to Main menu > Esc

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