The issue on missing alphabet T in barcodes in Picking screen (when CAPS is turned off). It is due to a hardware issue.

Detail Steps

When create and scan barcodes, caps need to be OFF.

Please refer to the link below, and please read bottom page 7

Scanned data is incorrectly displayed on the host.

Possible Cause:
The scanner is not programmed to work with the host.

Possible Solution:
Ensure proper host is selected. 
Check the scanner’s host type parameters or editing options.
For RS-232, ensure the scanner’s communication parameters match the host’s settings.
For a keyboard wedge configuration, ensure the system is programmed for the correct keyboard type and the CAPS LOCK key is off.
Ensure editing options (e.g., UPC-E to UPC-A conversion) are properly programmed.
Refer to the Product Reference Guide for more information.

Example of issue:
When CAPS is turned on, the user can scan any barcodes containing T or t correctly.
When CAPS is turned Off, the user cannot scan barcodes containing T (barcode will be scanned out but missing alphabet T, making the barcode incorrect)
Users can scan barcodes with t correctly.

Related Information

There is no issue with other alphabet characters.