To improve Barcode Scanner support a special F12 terminating is added to each barcode scan. This is a custom configuration and must be completed for each new scanning unit added to the system.

Detail Steps

STEP 1. Plug scanner into the USB port.

STEP 2. Wait for the computer to recognize it and report it ready for use.

STEP 3. On the page referenced below there is a sequence of rules that must be followed.

STEP 4. Scan the barcodes in the following order:-

  • Scan Enter Programming Mode
  • —— Wait for flashing Scan Light —–
  • Scan Global Suffix
  • Scan Code 9
  • Scan Code 0
  • Scan Enter/Exit Programming Mode
  • Scan Enter/Exit Programming Mode
  • —— Wait for a confirm beep from scanner —–

Related Information

See attached document. gryphon_4100_series_f12_programming_sheet.pdf  gryphon_4100_series_f12_programming_sheet.pdf

For other combinations of Suffix/Prefix: keypad-gryphon.pdf  keypad-gryphon.pdf

Programming Notes for Suffix/Prefix Settings: suffixset-gryphon.pdf  suffixset-gryphon.pdf