Remember to BIND the scanner to the BaseStation by scanning the BIND code that is found in the Quick Reference Guide.

Detail Steps

STEP 1. Plug scanner into the USB port.

STEP 2. Wait for the computer to recognize it and report it ready for use.

STEP 3. On the following page there is a sequence of rules that must be followed.

STEP 4. Scan the barcodes in the following order:-

A. Enter Configuration

B. One Character terminator

C. Code 9

D. Code 0

—— Wait for a confirm beep from scanner —–

E. Save Configuration

See attached document.

Datalogic 1D Scanner F12 Setup.pdf

Related Information

Putting scanner thru a USB hub is NOT recommended.
Datapel recommend the use of a Power Supply to be connected to the base station to assist with charging of the cordless scanner.