This support Note explains what occurs in the WMS when an Item Code is inactivated or deleted from MYOB.

When an item is Deleted or marked as inactive in MYOB, and it got replicated to WMS by running the Fast or Maintenance mode. The item will not be displayed on the Item Registry. 

Detail Steps

  1. If the item code is not searchable in the WMS you may need to turn on the option in Tools -> Preferences -> Inventory Tab "Show Inactive". This is optional as many companies prefer not to view the inactive items.

  2. The item number now will be amended after replication - for example if your item number was 100 then the item code would become prefixed with a non repeating 8 digit number such as #1354-9854# followed by your original item number 100 (#1354-9854#100).

  3. Then Check in the Preferences under the Replication tab if the option for "Replicate Inactive Item" is ticked, if yes, this will not allow the process to be reversed. 

  4. Untick the option and replicated to WMS by running the Fast or Maintenance mode.

  5. The item will be activated and view-able on the Item Registry 

Related Information

Inactive/Deleted Item Codes will be prefixed so if the same item number is re-used as a new item MYOB it will become a completely new item record.