The WMS Explorer Registers supports smart “Drill-Down” from summary and detail windows. For example, if an item is double-clicked, more detailed information regarding that item entity is revealed. MYOB software has a DRILL DOWN Arrow, which indicates that a “Drill-Path” is available. Every record in each register and detail window supports a drill-down path relating the record to its source and/or detail within the WMS.

Detail Steps

For example; Select the Items Register and double click on any row, or from the detail view in the Item Detail Window, double click a stock line/icon.

Those data fields that support a drill-down path and are not directly selectable, the Ellipsis or ‘…’ are shown near the field.

In this case, a drill-down is available from the Batch Serial number. The drill path from any Batch/Lot/Serial Number will go back to the original Purchase and Receiving Order.


From practically ANY point in the WMS, PRICE, AND AVAILABILITY can be checked using the QUICK STOCK SEARCH WINDOW. 

Press CTL+L at any time to display this window.

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