This article applies to the Motorola LS4278 barcode scanner.

IF scanner not functioning as expected, please follow the instructions below. To refresh scanners or handheld guns.

Detail Steps

1. Scan "Set Factory Defaults."


2.  Scan  "Restore Defaults."


3. Pair device 

4.  Scan the F12 rules as below.

Test if the scanner functioning properly by following the steps:

*For testing in Receiving

Scanning more than one item quantity. You may use some random barcode serial numbers to test this function.

      1. Go to Receiving

      2. Open a PO with the status "OPEN."

      3. Choose the option "Received To"

      4. Click on the Qty column and change  the quantity  to 0

      5. Press  ENTER twice until the cursor jumps to the "Batch Serial" column

      6. Start scanning few different serial numbers


The Qty column will show the numbers of items you scanned. It should not jump out from the screen unless you scan for the same serial number.  

*For testing in Item List

Search Items using Batch Serial number: To test this function, you need to print out the existing record serial barcode.

       1. Go to Item List

       2. On the Search Register filter * Show all, choose "Find Batch Serial."  

       3. Start scanning the Serial number that you have printed. In Item List Register system should find all Items containing this Serial number.

*For testing in Transfer

Scan Pick item in Transfer register. To test this function, you need to print out the existing record serial barcode.

    1. Go to Transfer

    2. Open Transfer Order with  "RTP" status

    3. Select "Drill to Despatch."

    4. Double click Item on order and start scanning the serial numbers

    5. The count in the Pick column will show the quantity you scanned

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