Recommend and tested model with WMS is Datalogic Gryphon D432 Plus

Find the key you would like the suffix every scan using below table

For WMS purpose F12

Hex 90

  1.  Plug  scanner into the USB port
  2. Wait for the computer to recongnise it and report it ready for use (beep sound)
  3. On the following page there is a squence of rules that must be followed

Set the number of characters in the range 00-10. In this case 01

Read the corresponding characters as Hex values from the Hex/Numeric table. Valid values are in the range:• 00-7F for RS-232, USB BULK, USB COM, USB Generic HID • 00-9B USB Keyboard


For F12 Hex is 90

You may have to Enable Terminator function by scanning below code 

For more Hex code please refer to attached full manual


How to check F12 setup successfully

Open blank Word document

Scan any QR code

It should put the code on word document as well as open Save As window as below.

If Save As not appears they F12 not setup properly. Repeat the process again.