WMS Receiving Error when Importing Comment list from MYOB.

When importing data, the error message of the import log reads:

On-premise WMS Tools > Connect > Status Reporter  "Failed to Populate Comment List from MYOB".

Cloud WMS Tools > System Audit Report "Failed to Populate Comment List from MYOB".

The MYOB AccountsRight Live file replication only occurs for those comments where it is the default on at least one Card in the MYOB file.

This change was introduced for the WMS versions connecting to the new MYOB because the new MYOB records a new comment for every comment used on a sale, and we had some complaints that too many comments were being created in the WMS.

Detail Steps

This error is reported when a Comment List in MYOB is empty.

1.Open MYOB > Lists > Sales &Purchases Information > Comments

2. Select New > Add New comment

3. Open WMS and perform full Replication to override Error.

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