This article explains how to check if mobility label printing is working.

Detail Steps

Printing code:
Case 0 : "FRM_OrderLabels.rpt" 
Case 1 : "FRM_OrderLabels.rpt" 
Case 2 : "FRM_PalletLabels.rpt" 
Case 3 : "FRM_ItemLabels.rpt" 
Case 4 : "FRM_PackOrder.rpt"

1. Go to Mobility Forms folder and search for the affected form name in XML form - e.g. FRM_OrderLabels.xml

2. Check the printer name in XML file. Ensure the printer is working and online on server.

3. Test print:
Open WMS Console > Despatch > Stage Order > Print Labels > Type Order number > Enter to select > Label Count? 1 > Target Output? e.g. 4 if it is for FRM_PackOrder.rpt

At the same time, open printer spool. Set Pause printer and cancel it if it's successfully spooled

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