This document explains how to reassign functions of physical keys in CiperLab 9700.

Detail Steps

Step 1: Go to Start > Settings > System > Button Assignment .

Step 2: Select the key that you want to redefine. In this example, we want to reassign the F1 key, to work as ‘*’.

Step 3: Double tap on the key.

Step 4: Choose ‘Custom’ and select the desired key.


Step 5: Tap

 to confirm.


Step 6: Tap the ‘Disk’ icon to save the option.

Step 7: The system will ask for a profile name. Enter any name that you desire, and tap

to save.

Step 8: Tap on

, and then User Profile.

Step 9: Select the profile you have created, and tap

to save.

Now the F1 key on your keypad works as ‘* ‘.

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