When you use the Wavelink Telnet client, as part of your connectivity solution, you also can involve session persistence from Wavelink ConnectPro. Wavelink ConnectPro resides between the client and the host and maintains a steady connection to the host, which is crucial to those environments where users must maintain application connectivity or where RF coverage is poor.

Detail Steps

Installer is in NAS-KL1\Software\Velocity Installer\ConnectPro

  1. Setup Host Service

2. Setup Proxy Service

3. Setup HTTP Server

4. Complete Other Settings

5.  Select "Finish" and at this step configuration will be completed.

6. After installation confirmed and files restarted you will be able to view currect status.

Note: setting on Velocity below:

To check if there is Connectpro on server:
Open browser, http://localhost:4428