This article explains how to resolve issue when Invoicing shipped sales still appears in SHIPPED status.

These Sales has not been synced to to MYOB. No error found but warning shows in status reporter "INVOICESALES - No Commission for xxxxx on Status Reporter".


Detail Steps

  • It was caused by blank salesperson on the invoice
  • The sales order did not have a salesperson hence whoever opens the sales order will see his/her ID as the salesperson. But actually, there is no data inside the salesperson field.
  • The salesperson is required in the invoice to be closed and send to MYOB.


  • Add the salesperson and update the sales order. Then re-send the sales order to MYOB or wait for Overnight task to close all Shipped Sales.
  • If you want, you can set a default salesperson when there is none - open WMS > Tools > Preferences tab  > Adapters tab > Default Remote Salesperson

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