The following table describes the special function keys of the VT100 and shows the transmitted sequences. It also shows the key or key sequence required to produce this function on the IBM-PC keyboard.

Detail Steps

The VT100 has four function keys PF1 - PF4, four arrow keys, and a numeric keypad with 0-9, ”.”, ”-”, RETURN and ”,”. The numeric keypad and the arrow keys may be in standard mode or applications mode as set by the host computer.

Sequences will be sent as follows:

 To Get                                  Press Key on
VT100 Key    Standard    Applications     IBM Keypad

                                        NUMLOK - On

 0            0           ESC O p           0
 1            1           ESC O q           1
 2            2           ESC O r           2
 3            3           ESC O s           3 
 4            4           ESC O t           4
 5            5           ESC O u           5
 6            6           ESC O v           6
 7            7           ESC O w           7
 8            8           ESC O x           8
 9            9           ESC O y           9
 -            -           ESC O m           -
 ,            ,           ESC O l      * (on PrtSc key)   
 .            .           ESC O n           .
 Return       Return         ESC O M           +
                                       NUMLOK - Off    

 Up        ESC [ A        ESC O A           Up
Down       ESC [ B        ESC O B          Down
Right      ESC [ C        ESC O C          Right
Left       ESC [ D        ESC O D          Left

 Up        ESC [ A        ESC O A          Alt 9
Down       ESC [ B        ESC O B          Alt 0
Right      ESC [ C        ESC O C          Alt -
Left       ESC [ D        ESC O D          Alt =

Note that either set of keys may be used to send VT100 arrow keys.
The Alt 9,0,-, and = do not require NumLok to be off.


PF1 - Gold   ESC O P        ESC O P           F1
PF2 - Help   ESC O Q        ESC O Q           F2
PF3 - Next   ESC O R        ESC O R           F3
PF4 - DelBrk ESC O S        ESC O S           F4

ESC          ESC [          This will send the Escape Key

Please note that the backspace key transmits an ascii DEL (character 127) while in VT100 emulation. To get a true ascii backspace (character 8) you must press control-backspace.

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