This article gives an overview how WMS calculates landed Price/ last Cost.

Detail Steps

Case Scenario

Company ABC has Item #RAW-001

In Accounting software Item shows below details:

  • Last Purchase price $1.067014

  • Tax Code Wnen Bought set to GST (Goods and Service Tax) 10%

In WMS Item shows below deatils:

  • Last Cost $0.9700

 Why WMS and MYOB shows different Last Cost?

The buying code on the item is GST.

WMS don't know if the Last Purchase really was GST or not so system assume the tax code on the item was used.

WMS use the price less 10% tax (1.067014/1.1=0.9700127272)


Update the items to N-T if you don't usually pay tax on those items.

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