The following support note describes how to connect the LXE MX7 Coldstore Scanning terminal to a wireless network and configure the scanner to support custom KEYPAD MAPPING.

Detail Steps

STEP 1. Power On the Device

STEP 2. Follow the steps outlined on the YELLOW Card supplied with the device for SETTING UP THE RADIO.

STEP 3. Follow the steps outlined for CONNECTING USING RFTERM.

STEP 4. Once an RFTERM session has been created you need to REMAP a set of Function Keys to make operation easier. In the case of the LXE keys are mapped as shown below:

Key    Function        KeyCode
F1     ESC            ^[
F2     LEFT           ^[OD
F3     ESC            ^[
F4     ENTER          ^[OM
F5     RIGHT          ^[OC

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