This document explains how to manage batch serial numbers in WMS.

Batch numbers are given to a group of items. For example, juice bottles produced together. A batch number is associated with information about the items. The most common information is production facility name, expiry date and manufacturing date. Thus items with the same batch number have the same expiry date.

Serial numbers are given to an individual item. A serial number is a unique number given to identify a single item.

A User can ONLY complete this function with Administrator account rights in WMS. Please contact your company's "superuser" account manager for further assistance.

Detail Steps

  1. Click on the Items Register and search for the item you wish to change the serial number for.

  2. Select the batch in the details window that you wish to change the serial number for and double click it.

In the example below, we choose an untracked batch indicated by the “~” in the batch serial column. Note: Click on the Batch Serial at the bottom of the Item List Register.

Clicking inside Item details will not show the "Manage Stock Group" option.

3. When the Inventory Detail window loads, click the Manage Stock Group link at the bottom.

This will open up the window that will allow you to modify the serial number of this stock.

The top half of this window is the current details. The bottom half contains the changes you want to make. There are two options here.


This option is to SPLIT the group.

This means that the quantity you specify will be moved into a new group and given the new serial number specified. For creating individual Serial numbers of single items, this will be the best option.

If there happens only to be a qty of 1 in the current stock group, then both options will have the same effect.

1. Enter the new serial number
2. Click the SPLIT option, enter the qty of stock you wish to allocate this serial to
3. Press Update “Stock Group Details”.


This option is to Update the whole group.

This allows you to change the existing serial number to a new serial number specified.

For example, if there happens only to be a qty of 1 in the current stock group, both options will have the same effect.

Like the first option, you need to specify the new batch Serial Number.

1. Click the option to UPDATE ONLY
2. Press the “Update Stock Group Details”.

This whole stock group will now have the batch serial number you specified.

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