This document explains how to apply manifest number on all orders in the PACK screen without applying one at a time.

Detail Steps

  1. Go to Despatch register
  2. Select Order
  3. Right click and select 'Drill to Source'


       4. Select "Drill to Despatch"

           5. In Pack Orders screen select "Add orders" under Other Actions

        6. Select and Add necessary order  OR you can highlight multiple orders in dispatch register and go to packing screen.

           7. Enter Manifest Ref#.

          8. Press manifest Ref# button, it will prompt Apply Manifest message box.

          9. User can select 'Overwrite' and apply to ALL SELECTED orders.

       10. Press Fast Ship and confirm.

       11. Check manifest number for each order in pack screen (check each order where you selected)

       12. Manifest number now applied to all selected orders.

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