This article describes additional settings for Mobility Velocity.

Detail Steps

There are some additional recommended setting (additional to default) in regards to Mobility Velocity.

Kindly ensure on the below:

  • Make sure that the current WiFi access points are set to different channels and that channels are not “overlapping” within the warehouse.
  • Recommend CH1 – CH6 – CH11 then back to CH1 – CH6 – CH11 depending on the size of the warehouse (This is a recommended best practice. Velocity will struggle and not work properly if channels are “overlapping”).

WiFi Advanced setting on handheld device:

  • Fixed IP for all handheld devices (assigned by customer)
  • Frequency band set to AUTO
  • WiFi Roaming set to ENABLED
  • Set Country Code to AU (Australia)
  • Roaming Trigger set to 65dB
  • Background scan set to 10 sec

More WiFi settings to set, please apply following steps (below is following CypherLab RS50 setting):

1. Go to Setting > WIFI
2. Click on the top right hand corner with …
3. Select “Advanced”
4. Go to “Wi-Fi frequency band”
5. Change from “Automatic” to “2.4 GHz only”