This article explains how to perform Velocity stock take in one screen continuously. 

Detail Steps

To have the stock take scanning to automatically scan the items and don't have to to click on Continue button.

1)Turn on PDA
2) Go to Main screen and pressing (...) button (image 1)
3) Pressing the ReaderConfig icon (image 2)
4) Pressing the Data Output (image 3)
5) To make sure keyboard emulation, auto enter, and auto enter character needs to be set as image 4.

6) Once you setup > login to Velocity
7) Go to Stock Count Module
8) Bin Audit
9) Quick Audit Event
10) Select Audit Location
11) Pressing 'Continue' to skip bin because they do not use bin
12) Scan Item barcode
12) Scan batch serial barcode
13) Scan item barcode or batch serial continuously then the 'Scan Qty' will reflect and increase the value.
14) If user would like to scan next/ second item then they need to press 'Continue' button, it will back to 'Scan Product Barcode' screen.

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