This document explains how to modify Work Order.

WorkOrder modification is available before orders are Picked.

Detail Steps

Work Orders can be modified by selecting a component item in the Bill of Materials list and then editing the item number and/or quantity.

You can also add or remove items on the BOM for special builds. For example, we may want to add extra sugar to a café latte Work Order and change the Milk for Soya Milk.

Once Work Order details are adjusted as required, select - Create Work Order or Update WorkOrder.

The Work Order will show in the Assemblies Register and must now follow the fulfilment cycle: PICK Components; BUILD WorkOrder; PUT AWAY AS AVAILABLE INVENTORY.

Detail Steps

  1. Open existing WorkOrder or Create new Work Order

  2. Go to Components list > select component > right-click and choose to delete;edit or insert line.

Change of the components on WorkOrder does not overwrite the original BOM recipe.

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