This is a known issue of MYOB AccountRight costing when creating a new Return if the item Buy UOM and Sell UOM are different, also if quantity on hand is zero.

Detail Steps

This issue will only happen to:

  1. Item if Buy UOM and Sell UOM are different and also MYOB quantity on hand is zero
  2. Create a new Return 
  3. Item Cost Value will be increased based on UOM.

For an example, item aaatest Buy UOM is 1000, Sell UOM is 1.

Last Purchase cost is $500/ 1000 units = $0.50.

If quantity on hand is more than 1, Sell and Return costing should no problem as:

     Item Cost Value= Last PO cost ($500/ 1000 units = $0.50) x item sold quantity unit.

If quantity is 0 and following by a Return stock for quantity 100 units (100 pcs as UoM is 1):

    Item Cost Value= Last PO cost ($500/1 UOM = $500) x 100 units = $50,000.00

Temporary Workaround:

  1. If there is new RA, please do not wait for overnight replication on sending new RA to MYOB.
  2. Please send the new RA to MYOB immediately.
  3. Then login MYOB to check and perform necessary cost adjustment if require as per following steps:
  4. Update the new RA quantity to 0.
  5. Look for the last Purchase, increase the receive quantity and update PO.


      6. Revert the new RA quantity from 0 to original quantity and update RA.

      7. Revert the Last PO quantity to original and update PO


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