This article explains workaround for Adjustment quantity rounding issue.

This issue is due to UoM on adjustments when Customer adjusts in QTY but uses units of measure.

Detail Steps

Due to MYOB not willing to increase number of decimals on purchase order quantity (WMS send Adjustments as Purchase Bill) Datapel have no choice other than to recommend to remove the item from the PO and adjust it via MYOB item adjustment.

MYOB only allows 6 decimal places for each transaction.

Posting adjustment to MYOB adjustment quantity will be posted with converted Buy UOM.

For example:

Item ABC

Buy UOM is 15

WMS adjustment quantity is 1

It will be posted to MYOB as 1/15= 0.0666666666666667

MYOB only allows 6 decimals and posted quantity would be 0.066667 and it converted as 0.066667x15=1.000005.

In MYOB, quantity on hand is 1, and WMS quantity is 1.000005. This is the reason why adjustment in MYOB failed to convert to Bill due to insufficient quantity.

In this case, it is advised to perform manual adjustment in MYOB for the affected items.

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