Describes how to Assign Sales Orders to specific User for Despatching.

Detail Steps

1. Each User needs to check this user settings in Tools > Preferences > General Tab


2. Record Preferences.

3. Restart WMS.

4. In order to Assign Order please follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the Despatch register

Step 2: Find the order and Highlight order or Highlight couple orders at once.

Step 3: Right click and Quick Despatch


Step 4: Next choose to whom you need to Assign. The list of Users will appear.


Step 5: Users will find Assigned orders for them is Despatch register. When they will open order for Picking they will noticed who Created order and to whom has been Assigned to Pick and Pack the order.

For Example Simon created order and Assigned to Linda. Linda will open order for Picking and noticed that Benet created order and her name already appears in Pick/Packer field.

Related Information

* The assigned user can appear in a column in the register this can be setup via the Prefs.xml file with tags
* This function can be setup to filter scanner logins so each user logged into the scanner can only see their assigned orders.