Payment methods now support an account number surrounded by [ ]

For instance: [1-1100] in the Account Description field.

The replicator will attempt to reference the account and post the payment to the account - otherwise undeposited funds or default bank account.

 This feature now is available in WMS V11.1.225 onwards.

Detail Steps

  1. Go to Tools > Manage List > Payment Method > Setup Account type in Account description (the number and the square brackets are required, however a note can be added before or after the brackets ie. "[1-1140]CBA-Main") 
  2. Enable ‘Allow Multiple payments for sale orders’ in WMS preferences > Security tab.
  3. Refer account type in MYOB Account. Ensure any account that you try to select must be type BANK.
    Go to MYOB > Account > Account List > Select an account number + click ( ->) button.

Creating sale order:

  1. Open WMS
  2. Go to Sale Register
  3. Create new sale order
  4. Enter all require data. e.g: select customer, address, PO number, line item number, quantity and price.
  5. Insert multiple payments with different payment method.
  6. Click ‘Back to Sale Order’ to save payment.
  7. Back to sale order window and record sale order.
  8. Pick, pack, ship your order
  9. On Despatch Register, select order and right click invoice shipped sale.

How to verify that Payment methods has been assigned to accounts correctly?

Go to Account > Account List > Looking for Account Number[1-1140] then double click > Click current balance button (->) > Account tab > You can see the Acct No = [1-1140] which is related to payment method as Cash on hand.


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