Expiry dates, batch-serial numbers, put-away date, and quantity information is recorded whenever stock is received and can be used by the WMS to suggest best stock allocation when picking orders.

Detail Steps

WMS supports below picking strategies:

LEXFO Last Expiry Date in First Out - Selects oldest expiry/batch first, 

FEXFO First Expiry Date in First Out - Selects newest expiry/batch first.

LIFO means Last In First Out, so stock most recently received will be selected for picking, 

FIFO selects oldest stock first.

MIN looks for small quantity batches of stock, 

MAX large quantities of stock.

BTC#ASC Batch number Ascending - Pick Batch number in ascending order (A-Z 0-9)

BTC#DESC Batch number Descending - Pick Batch number in descending order (Z-A 9-0)

BESTFIT - only picks ONE STOCK GROUP and will not split the line. If no stock group has enough quantity then pick will fail  for the line and the user must MANUAL PICK the batches.

BYSQL - this allows the customisation of the ORDER BY clause used to specify the stock record selection order to fulfill the line item. 

BYSCRIPT - this allows very detailed customisation of the PICK line by line - allowing code to executed and the PICK METHOD to change based on any set of variables. For example you could have a different pick method per item number or have a different strategy depending on the day of the week.

FEXFO BTC#ASC - Oldest Expiry Date Out First Batch Ascending

FEXFO BTC#DESC - Oldest Expiry Date Out First Batch Descending

BINASC - this allows to sort by bin lowest number

BINDESC - this allows to sort by bin highest number

BESTFIT ASC - attempts to pick the LEAST NUMBER OF BATCHES for the line and will always pick the line if there exists enough stock.

Related Information

Double-click the picked line to display a MANUAL picking window.

*** The Default Picking Method is set in the WMS Preferences, Tools, Preferences, Inventory Tab.