This document explains receiving stock using USB scanner in Receiving Register. System will automatically populate quantity in the quantity column in Receiving Register when you scan item barcode.

Note: This method is different when you scan item barcode and require to enter ZERO to activate LIST in batch serial column.

Detail Steps

1. Go to Tools > Preferences >Replication and tick the checkbox "Always create Proforma on Supplier ReOrder" .

Note: Only ''Superuser'' can make changes in system Preferences 


2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Security and tick the checkbox "Allow Receipt of Purchase Orders" 

3. Record Preferences.

4. Re-startup WMS (logoff and login )

5. Open Purchase Order screen > scan the item barcode and system will update Quantity automatically.



Related Information

This is working in WMS V9 and WMS V10 editions.

Putting scanner thru a USB hub is NOT recommended.
Datapel recommend the use of a Power Supply to be connected to the base station to assist with charging of the cordless scanner.