In our tests with these settings applied the device, it stays connected for over 30 minutes with no drops. This means that when the user is actively scanning and working in the warehouse, the device will remain on, connected to mobility server and the screen will always stay on. If you intend to take an extended break it is recommended you return the device to the charging cradle, or press the power button and allow the device to move into SUSPEND mode. Hitting the power button again will re-enable the device. After a short delay (10-15 seconds) it will reconnect to the WiFi and you can continue your Mobility Scanning session.

Detail Steps

1. Maintain best Wifi connection

From Start menu


Choose Settings

Choose System, SCU (as below)



Choose Manage Profile (ensure this is the currently active profile)

Tap the POWER SAVE row (see below)


In the Value option select CAM (Constantly Awake Mode).

Other settings may vary depending on your specific site implementation.

Tap Commit to save changes.

2. Disable AUTO-SUSPEND mode(s)

From Start menu


Choose Settings

Choose System, Screen Rotation


Tap each active option ( Green/White Background) to make sure the option is OFF (GREY AS SHOWN ABOVE).

3. Disable Screen Blanking

From Start menu

Choose Settings

Choose System, Power Information

Tap on the Advanced Tab.


From Start menu

Choose Settings

Choose System, Backlight Settings

Tap on Battery Power, UNCHECK First option(Turn off LCD backlight if device not used for ... )

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