If a user session terminates incorrectly OR if a user forgets to log out a FALSE multi-user lock may need to be cleared.

Error "This record is locked by ..." or "User Activity... This list shows all records currently being held by users."

Detail Steps

IF YOU ARE THE ONLY USER LOGGED IN and you have a Locked Record Warning you will need to remove the Lock.

Do not remove lock of user if that user is genuinely still running the transaction, or else it may cause data corruption. Example, user is running replication and pending to complete or user is entering data onto a sales order.

  1. Log in as a superuser

  2. Check you are the only user in the system.

  3. Click on Workspace menu Import > Active Users

  4. Click on the affected User and Remove Lock(s) which will only remove the particular record lock, or Remove All… this will release the locks on all data records.

Related Information

If a message appears regarding Locked Records it means two people are trying to access the same system details OR a system-wide function is currently working that might impact the data you are trying to view.