This document explains how  to choose the bill to name and ship to name  in Sales Order and how it shown in Sales and Despatch register by default.

Detail Steps

The WMS Sale Order has a similar layout to the MYOB item Sales Invoice window. One key difference is that Item Numbers are entered BEFORE quantities; this allows the WMS to display the current quantity on hand.

To create a new Sale Order:

1. Select the Sales Register.

Select New Sale Order from the Shortcut sidebar.

3  Choose  “Another” from dropdown  to have Deliver to field populate in the sale screen instead of Alert Note field..

4. Choose the DeliverTo/ShipTo customer name.> enter all details> record the sale.

5. In Sales register > in 'Customer' column>  it will output BillTo name “Corporate Express” .

6. In Despatch register> in column 'Destination' > it will output the ShipTo name  “Geelong Hospital” 

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