This document explains how to setup a Task for automatic replication.

Detail Steps

IMPORTANT NOTE - Task Scheduler (Overnight Replication )
WMS - use WMS.exe
Cloud WMS - use Datapel.WMS.exe

In these steps, you will create a windows scheduled task triggered at a user-defined time (preferably during the night) to perform a maintenance mode replication of the Accounting company datafile and WMS workspace.

1. Open the task scheduler by click Start/Search ➡ Control panel ➡ System and Security ➡ Administrative Tools ➡ Schedule tasks > Select “Create Task”.

2. This will open the scheduled task wizard.

3. Name the Task

Note: Task naming tip "Datapel"-Project-Task

The word Datapel "hyphen" The project or software that will run "hyphen" the action it will take. No Spaces, with word capitalisation for easy reading.

For example;

4. Under Security Options, select “Run whether user is logged on or not

5. Go to the Triggers tab ➡ select New

6. Setup task:

  • Begin the task “On a schedule.

  • Set to run “Daily”. If this installation runs over more than one day, you can set the task to start in one or two days.

  • Set start date and time to run the replicate task.

Select a time that will not interfere with the client’s backup system. For example, if the backup runs at 10:00 pm every night, then set the replication to start at 9:00 pm.

This gives the replication time to complete before the backup starts. Also, because the replication occurs before the backup, the backup will include the replicated files.

  • Enable the Task and select OK

Please note, for scheduled tasks that require non-stop indefinite repetition, settings should be set as below:

- Perform this task: One time (instead of Daily)

- Duration of: Indefinitely


  • Run one time :: 10/9/2019 @ 12:00pm

  • Repeat the task every:: 10 minutes

  • For a duration of:: Indefinitely

7. Go to the Actions tab ➡ select New

8. Setup action:

  • Select action as “Start a program.

  • Browse and select Warehouse Management System folder location

e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Datapel Systems\Warehouse Management System

  • In the “Add arguments (optional) text box”, add one of the following parameters:




Sends all unsent multi-payment transactions on all sale status


Reads Accounting systems sales to check if they are paid/unpaid for statement updating


Maintenance Replication. This option requires all users to have logged out of the WMS. Any active locks will cause the replicate to fail.


Any active locks in the system that may have been left from users not logging out will be removed before a maintenance replication is triggered.


Performs the same action as the FORCEREPLICATE parameter and also sends any sales with the status of SHIPPED across to the Accounting system.


Invoices Sales to the Accounting system.


Performs the same action as the FORCEREPLICATE parameter and sends any sales with the SHIPPED status to the Accounting system. Send any unsent Closed Workorders, and any Purchase with status CLOSED to Accounting system as BILLS.


Performs the same action as the FORCEREPLICATE parameter and sends any Purchase with status CLOSED to Accounting system as BILLS.


Closes Transfers and CheckOuts


Send the CLOSED purchases to the Accounting system as BILLS. Only Purchase Orders AFTER the Preferences REPLICATION (Ignore Purchases Before Date) will be sent to the Accounting system. 


Triggers WMS to recalculate the Actuals based on the information in all sales in the sales register.


Triggers the EDI Order Import Function.


Triggers the EDI ASN Export Function.


Triggers the remote sales import function for XML Sales only (also supports collection path, eg. ...\WMS.EXE /IMPORT_SALES=C:\EDI\MYWEBORDERS)


Triggers the remote sales import function for TSV Sales only.


Import XML workorders.

  • Select OK

9. Go to the Conditions tab ➡ Select the below boxes

10. Go to the Settings tab ➡ Select the below boxes

  • Make sure to set this minimum of 4 hours to prevent from the task being terminated before completion.

  • Press OK to complete the setup of the scheduled task.

11. Re-enter user password to CONFIRM.

How to temporary Disable the Task?

  1. Right-click on the Task from the Task Scheduler Library ➡ Select 'Disable'. This will disable the task from running.

  2. Else you will have to change the Date in the Trigger Tab to the date you want the Task to Run.  

Is your task no longer running?

  1. Check the history of the windows task and try googling it. Here is the most common error.

Task error value: 2147943726

The change of password has a role in causing that error.

Steps on how to fix the task:

Step 1:  click on the scheduled job properties ➡ then settings

Step 2: in the last listed option:

If the task is already running, the following rule applies ➡ Select "Stop the existing instance" from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Save and exit.

Step 4: Run the task or wait until the next scheduled time has passed and checked it completed.

2. Check security permissions on the below folders:

  • Datapel System folder 

  • Folder associated with the batch/exe in the task scheduler

  • Folder setup under WMS > Preferences > Adaptor

Related Information

For multiple workspaces, please use the workspace XML file
e.g. “C:\Program Files\Datapel Systems\Warehouse Management System\WMS.exe” /REPLICATE_INVOICE /WORKSPACE LANDSCAPES.xml
(you must use word /WORKSPACE before the name)

Do you want to import Transfers, Check-Ins Or Checkouts Automatically?

Please see the WaaS document; these are automatically collected and imported on the WMS service loop.